Thursday, January 26, 2012

Every Summer Has A Story

It's true.

There was the epic, dodgeball-filled, summer before college.
And the summer of the apartment.
And the summer at Theta Xi.
And the summer after college, full of trips, concerts, and fairs.

Since it has been cold, rainy, and foggy here for the last week or so (and since it is the middle of the winter season) I am obviously wishing it were summertime.

I miss laying out by the pool, and being tan. I miss the sun staying up until late in to the evening. I miss wearing shorts and tank tops. I miss those summer days driftin away in to those summer nights =)


  1. Thanks. Now I want to put on a bathing suit. But I'm pretty sure I'd freeze my ass off. Summer can't come soon enough. (but then I'll be complaining about how effing hot it is).

  2. I completely agree with you, I miss summer so badly! I hate the cold :P

  3. I'm missing summer too lately!! I think I'm just getting anxious about laying out by the pool and getting a tan haha! Can't come soon enough!

  4. Thinking about that summer before college makes me all mushy and nostalgic! How did we grow up this fast?


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