Friday, January 6, 2012

LA Friends, I Love You But...

... please stop posting about the beautiful, warm, southern California weather! It is making those of us stuck in colder temperatures very sad. I can't even imagine how sad I would be if I lived somewhere that is actually REALLY cold.

 In other news... HAPPY FRIDAY! And congratulations to all who survived their first (almost) full week back after the holidays. Here is a little of what my iPhone has been up to recently.


  1. It's been kind of chilly here lately too! It'll be back in the 70's though tomorrow! :) Thanks so much for your kind comment on my blog today! The support from everyone has been wonderful!

  2. Seriously, it is not fair! I miss January beach days lol.

  3. It's been cold in Philadelphia this week too! I am so jealous that we're not in the part of the country that's getting springtime weather! I am tired of 20 degree mornings!

  4. Thanks for the love on my blog! I love new followers and I may or may not doing a crazy dance or scream just a little bit when I get one!

    I would kill for the whether you have in Fresno, even if it is cold to you. In Georgia, we wear shorts and flip flops when its 57 and sunny! Anything below 75 is amazing weather because over half the year its 90-100s. It SUCKS.

    Can't wait to read your blog more! Thanks girl


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