Thursday, January 5, 2012

Music Gives Life To Everything

As I've mentioned before, I am a massive music lover (my iTunes library recently surpassed 6000 songs) so today I'm going to share with you guys some of the songs that have been on repeat recently on my iPod.

1. The Civil Wars: Yes I know I mentioned them yesterday, but the album is just so dang good. I'm obsessed. I think my favorites are "To Whom It May Concern" and "I've Got This Friend". I also love that people don't know how to categorize their music. The Grammy's have nominated them in both Best Country Duo/Group Performance and Best Folk Album. As a big country fan, I personally don't see them in that category but I would love nothing more than for this group and others similar to it to begin creating their own niche, and a place for that niche in radio.

2. Lily Allen- Never Gonna Happen: Okay, call my super late to the party on this one (her most recent album came out in 2009) but if you have listened to top 40 radio at all recently then you have heard T-Pain's 5 O'Clock which uses the chorus of the Lily Allen song "Who'd Have Known". In any case I went back and listened to her album "It's Not Me, It's You" and I just love her peppy way of tearing someone down. Yes I realize that sounds like an oxymoron, but only this girl can sing about never wanting to see someone again and still sound so sweet. "Never Gonna Happen" is my personal fave on the album.

3. Taylor Swift ft The Civil Wars- Safe and Sound: Taylor is my girl. Call me a teenage girl if you want to, but I love her. She recently released this single that is going to be on The Hunger Games soundtrack. It is different from her normal, bubbly, country-pop. Her voice is much more folksy, airy, and light in this song (I'm sure the influence of The Civil Wars helps). Also, if you've read The Hunger Games, I think this song is perfectly written for the novel and even evokes a specific scene in my mind (I won't say which scene though just in case some one reading hasn't read and plans to).

4. Jake Owen- Obviously I have to give my country people a spot on here. I recently downloaded his album, Barefoot Blue Jean Night. I had loved the title track this summer but hadn't heard the rest of it until hearing his most recent single "Alone With You" (WHICH I LOOOOVVVEE) on the radio. I like "Settin The World On Fire", "The Journey of Your Life", and "The One That Got Away".

5. Kate Voegele- This one is not exactly new either (hey, at least this album came out in 2011), but I've loved this girl ever since she was on One Tree Hill (two shout outs to that show in two days hehe). Her most recent album, Gravity Happens, wasn't my fave at first but it has grown on me since. My initial favorites were "Impatient Girl" and "Sandcastles" but I also love the title track, "Beg You To Fall", and "Enjoy The Ride".

Let me know what you guys have been obsessed with lately-- seriously I am ALWAYS on the hunt for new music!

-- I think I was tired when I wrote this post because I just went back through (Thursday afternoon) and fixed multiple typos... whoops!


  1. My GOSH! How did I not know about the Taylor Swift/ Civil Wars song? And for The Hunger Games movie, no less! I am in love. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I am so excited T Swift got you hooked on the Civil Wars!!!


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