Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I'll Be The Reckless One

On last weeks season premiere of One Tree Hill (yeah, you all know I'm obsessed by now) there was a gorgeous song I noticed in the back groud behind one of the scenes. I have a tendency to hear lyrics I like, google them, and then download the song. Well last week I heard

 "You can be careful and I'll be the reckless one..."

A quick trip to google and then over to youtube and spotify led me to the discovery of the beautiful Sunday Lane. This girl has only released one EP called "Bring Me Sunshine" but I hope she has plans to release more music soon. Sunday is a young singer/songwriter who reminds me a bit of someone like Ingrid Michaelson, or Regina Spektor. A few of her songs kind of remind me of a smaller band from here in CA called "Lady Danville", especially "Heavy Heart, Heavy Hands." Her voice is sweet and soulful, and her lyrics are relevant and beautiful.

I must say "Reckless One" is probably my favorite song on the EP, but I truly do love each song. I encourage you to go check her out on YouTube or Spotify. I honestly can't stop listening to this girl's EP. It has essentially been on repeat since I discovered it.

  1. i like that song! and enjoyed reading your posts, so i followed! can't wait to read more..


  2. Oh I am addicted to One Tree Hill!! I am sooo sad that it's the last season :(


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