Monday, January 23, 2012

Update & My Blogging Friends

I essentially ignored my computer and phone all weekend, which means I didn't prep any blog posts for this week like I normally do. I am getting down to crunch time with my GRE studying, and also realizing I need to put some real time into my applications (plus I still have regular stuff to do... like work...) so the blog posts may be just a little bit sparse for the next couple weeks. I apologize! And I will certainly post when I can (just probably not everyday like I've been trying to do).

In the mean time check out some of my friends blogs (and pictures of us with semi-celebrities):

Bethany- one of my best friends from both home (Fresno) and UCLA.
The time we met Stefano (from last season of American Idol). Bethany is on the  far right.
Jo- bestie and 1/3 of the best living situation ever (ROOM 6 LOVE!)
The time we met Vanilla Ice in Vegas. Jo is on the far left.
Katie- favorite and another 1/3 of the best living situation ever =)
The time we met Bo Burnham (look him up- he is a hilarious musical comedian). Katie is on the far right.
Hopefully these girls blogs tide you over while I am not posting quite so frequently. Jo and Katie are both just starting out, so maybe this will put a little pressure on them to post more =) and Bethany is an old pro, so she will have lots to keep you interested.

One other person to check out is Alyssa, of Simply Alyssa. I can't show you a picture of us because we've never met, but she is one of my favorite blog friends and she certainly blogs enough to tide you over if I don't have a post. She also just got a blog button! So click that to go check her out!



  1. Haha that picture! All I remember is you saying "that was definitely Vanilla Ice" as we passed him and then we bolted to turn around and take a pic with him lol. I'm definitely trying to post more so thanks for inspiring me to do so. Good luck on that GRE studying!

  2. Sooo jealous you got to meet Stefano!! I had the biggest crush on him last season haha! And thank you so much for including me!! You're awesome!

  3. That night with Stefano and Paul was one of my favorite nights in college!!! Thanks for the shout-out :) And so impressed with your GRE dedication... it cannot be fun!

  4. Did I read that right? You're from Fresno? I went to school up there! You're probably the first person I've seen in the blogging world who is from there haha. Keep trucking away studying for the GRE, it's tough, but will be so worth it once you finish the test :)

    P.S. I'm doing a sponsorship/button swap for February. If you're interested you should check out my post, I'd love to have you :)


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