Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wishing For Rain As I Stand In The Desert

I really enjoyed writing the post last week about Sunday Lane. Music is truly a passion of mine. I wish I could say that I personally am musical- a singer, songwriter, or even just someone who can play an instrument- sadly I can not do any of those things; but I can appreciate good music of all kinds. Therefore, I am going to make a habit of posting once a week about a song/artist that has stood out to me in the past week. I'll try to stick with somewhat lesser known artists in hopes that I will introduce y'all to something new.

The artist I'm going to share with you today is not new to me, nor is he particularly obscure but I have been listening to him quite a bit lately and I think you all will enjoy his music.

This is Ron Pope. The song above was the first song I ever heard from him, called "A Drop In The Ocean". My friends Jamee introduced me to this song quite a few years ago. The song has been featured  in multiple TV shows (it was on the most recent season Vampire Diaries), but other than that I've never heard Ron Pope's music anywhere else.

Ron Pope is comparable to guys like Gavin DeGraw and Ernie Halter. You know, singer/songwriter, strong, sensitive man types.

"A Drop In The Ocean" is certainly one of my favorites, but I also love"Stranded In Los Angeles", "You're The Reason I Come Home", and "Headlights On The Highway" all from his Live and Unplugged album.

He did release a new album in 2011 called "Whatever It Takes" and I'll admit I have not listened to enough of it to form an opinion about any of those songs, mainly because I tend to listen to the songs I am already familiar with because I love them so much, but I plan to make an effort to check it out ASAP!

Let me know what you guys think of Ron Pope, and of these music related posts!

Blog Title from Ron Pope's "A Drop In The Ocean"


  1. Love that song! He's pretty easy on the eyes, huh? Hahaha Love that you're making this a weekly thing!

  2. Love the music posts...keep 'em coming! You've always been my main source of new tunes and now I can get your recommendations without the flash drive swap! Although I still love that part too :)

  3. I love Ron Pope. Great choice this week :)


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