Wednesday, July 11, 2012

MusicWednesday: A New Month, A New Playlist

I totally should have done this last week, since last week was the first week 
in July and all... but I didn't. 
There are no rules on this blog.

Here are some of my recently played favorites.

Zac Brown Band- Uncaged
These guys new album just came out yesterday and I am definitely enjoying it! My favorite so far is "Goodbye In Her Eyes" but I'm sure my favorite song will change at least ten times in the next week.

Ed Sheeran- +
I mentioned Ed last week a couple times but I just can't get enough of his album! "Drunk" and "You Need Me I Don't Need You" are my favorites with this one.

Chris Young- Neon
I haven't had a chance to really get in to this entire CD, but I love the song "Neon". It is super catchy, especially for a not-so-upbeat country song.

Interpol- The Heinrich Maneuver
I would be lying if I said I had ever heard another song by Interpol, but I love this song because it reminds me of the AT&T commercial with the couple on the road trip, which in turn reminds me of my upcoming road trip! I can't wait!
In case you're unfamiliar- this is the commercial:

Other than that I've been in a musical funk lately, listening to a lot of the same stuff over and over. Help a girl out and tell me what you've been loving lately! 

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