Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Letters

dear besties- first i kind of hate that word, but for the sake of this letter it is an appropriate way to categorize you two. second, i love you both. it is amazing how friendships can form so quickly and last for years. i am beyond excited to be moving near one of you and beyond sad to be moving away from the other in the process. luckily we have friendships that can thrive at any distance. dear fresno- this is officially my last weekend living in you. you were a great place to grow up but just an okay place to come back to after undergrad. i'll see ya around, as a visitor. dear baby car (layla)- i'm glad you got all checked out and fixed up this week. i need you to be in tip top shape for the upcoming road trip. speaking of... dear road trip- a week and a half... ahhh! dear fellow bloggers- anyone interested in guest posting while i'm road tripping? i'm planning to contact a few of you but if you see this and you are interested feel free to email/tweet/comment/whatevs just get in touch with me =)

Happy Friday! Happy Weekend!

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  1. Hey, I nominated you for a Sunshine Award! :)


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