Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Letters

dear vegas- i can't believe it myself, but i am coming back one final time before i move thousands of miles away. see you tonight. dear LA- thank you for a fabulous and relaxing 4th of july. things might not have worked out perfectly but we made the best of things. i just might miss you a bit more than expected when i leave. dear road trip- you are less than one month away! dear closet- you should probably start packing yourself so i am ready for the move. thanks. dear ed sheeran- another artist i'm late to the party on but i'm loving your stuff right now. dear Renee of This Won't Hurt A Bit- i am so pumped to be the winner of your giveaway! thanks again!

Happy Friday lovers!



  1. I've ALWAYS wanted to go to Vegas!!!
    Have a blast :)

  2. Hi there! I'm following you from Bloggers Coast to Coast. I look forward to reading more! Come on by and check out my blog! I would appreciate the follow back! Have a great weekend!

  3. I'm so glad you won your first giveaway!! :) I'm going to put your package in the mail tomorrow am! Sorry it's taken so long but I've been working since you won. I'll email ya when it's shipped!


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