Thursday, July 19, 2012

Three Things Thursday

I haven't done one of these random-ish posts in a long time, and today this type of post is exactly what I need.

1. Thank You Renee @ This Won't Hurt A Bit
I won Renee's giveaway a little while back and this weekend I received all the awesome stuff! I can't believe how sweet this girl is to give all this stuff away to a reader. I was definitely most excited about the Naked 2 palette (the original Naked palette is my absolute favorite so I was dying to get the Naked 2)! She also included nail polish, bracelets, Victoria's Secret body lotion, some awesome face wash, Urban Decay powder, lots of Bert's Bees, and an EOS! So so cool!

2. Surprise! I'm Headed To SF Today!
I am taking a spur of the moment trip to San Francisco! I may end up only staying one night, may stay two... We'll see. But I wanted one last adventure in one of my favorite cities before I leave, and meeting up with a few of my best friends for Nightlife at the California Academy of Sciences sounded like a pretty perfect adventure to me.

3. SYTYCD Is Back!
Okay well SYTYCD has been back for a few weeks now, but last week was the first performances from the top 20 and this week they all performed again and 4 were cut. I just love this show; I always have. One of my favorite routines so far this season was done by Audrey and Matthew last week (although there was at least one this week that I liked better but those videos aren't up online yet...). Doesn't Matthew look like Ryan Gosling?! Ughhh I love it!

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