Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Letters

dear vegas- thanks for giving me the opportunity to live out my life long dream of dancing on some sort of raised platform in a bar/club (think coyote ugly status). yes, those three girls that green sunglasses guy is pointing at are me and my friends =) dear body- i guess you decided to let me know that i might have gone a little too hard this past week by making me sicker than sick when i got home. message received. i won't do that to you again.
dear friday the 13th- you're creepy! i'm staying far far away from black cats and mirrors today. dear roadtrip- you are getting so close i can't stand it! dear best friend- you made me so happy when you asked me to be your maid of honor. i can not wait to be your right hand girl through all the planning of the next year and a half! dear readers- i missed you yesterday. thanks for continuing to come back. i <3 you! also HI to those of you who have recently followed!


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  1. How FUN is that photo!! Glad you got to dance on a table, every girl should do it at some point in their lives!! (I did it in Cancun, Mexico! :))


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